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Do you want to renovate your house walls? Are you tired of the same old wallpaper, that seems to look worn out as soon as you place it on the walls? Then, you must be in need of a painter! Brett Robertson Painting provides a high quality house painting service for the folks in Bakersfield CA and the area! Our residential painter business was established in 1993, with the goal of providing high quality painter services for our residential clients. Besides internal painting, our company provides the services of a highly experienced exterior painter if you wish to paint the outside of your house.

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by Martin M. on Brett Robertson Painting

Thank you Brett Robertson Painting for the professional house painting service! I am in love with the new colors! Keep up the good work!

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Here are a few options that you might find interesting:

  • complete wall repainting
  • single element painting
  • multi-color painting
  • and many more!

beautiful paint jobOur company advises every amateur painter against performing a house painting service by themselves. Our experienced professionals have all the necessary skills and knowledge to perform an impeccable job. In the residential painter business, every drop of paint counts – if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might end up making your wall looking uneven and filled with blotch spots. Not to mention that you might stain your furniture with unwashable paint.

Every house painter in our team has learned how to control the paint with the utmost attention to detail – once it’s been laid on the wall, their capable hands will do the rest. Different paint materials make different effects . For example every wall paint is comprised of different compounds. Some may seem paste like – they are those paints that are the most commonly used for solid color.

house painterOthers have different grain proportions, for achieving a “sand wall” effect – with the purpose of achieving a specific cultural design effect. Having the material, will not guarantee you a prestigious result. Our qualified specialists are able to work with any paint – even those that require a special brushing pattern. If you require the services of a highly qualified house painter, you don’t need to look any further. Brett Robertson Painting will provide the high quality service you need – anywhere in Bakersfield CA! Our company works with top grade materials, to ensure a long-lasting results. Does your old paint have cracked segments? No problem – we use a special composite prior to our painting service, to fill nail holes and cracks. Once we have evened the wall and prepared it for service, our brushes will take care of the rest!

Our company also provides high quality exterior painters. Whether you need a fresh coat of paint on your siding, door frame, or porch – we do it all! We stand prepared to take on any painting task you would like us to undertake! Give us any interior or exterior job, and we will complete it without any hesitation – providing you with the impeccable service you deserve! Brett Robertson Painting works at budget-friendly rates, affordable to any of our residential customers in Bakersfield CA. So contact our painting company now, and receive a full list of our services at (661) 249-4242!